Protectio For Life

Help Protect
Your Dog's Health.

NATURAL DEFENSE® brand brings protection while still being satisfying and healthy.
Discover how our products are formulated with vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients to help protect your dog's health throughout their life.

Protection through Nature.

NATURAL DEFENSE® Dry Food brings the energy and vitality that come from nature, helping to protect your dog's health. Its patented blend of antioxidants helps promote a healthy heart, and is scientifically proven to help boost the immune system. But a healthy choice doesn't exclude great taste. The chicken first recipe guarantees great premium taste from a high quality protein source. A true way to take the very best care of your dog.

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healthy heart.
happy dog.

The new NATURAL DEFENSE® Dry Food contains a patented blend of antioxidants that can help support your dog's healthy heart. It also helps boost your dog's own defenses for a stronger immune system. They get the protection they need for a strong and healthy life.

harnessing the power of nature.

Nature has what your dog needs. The new NATURAL DEFENSE® Dry Food was developed with carefully selected extracts from nature. And naturally, it has the vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients that are scientifically proven to support the well-being of your dog. Find out how each of them helps improve your dog's health.

vegetable oil
whole wheat grain & beet pulp
flax seed

treats, tasty treats.

A tasty treat makes any dog really happy. And it can also promote his health. While our premium dry food covers the nutritional fundamentals, NATURAL DEFENSE® snacks provide extra support to three key areas of dog health: joint care, oral care and digestive health. Together they offer an extra measure of support to your dog's health.

digestive health

Promotes digestion, supporting your dog's intestinal health.

joint care

Clinically proven to promote your dog's joint mobility.

oral care

A natural way to clean your dog's teeth right down to the gum line.